Why RatifyHub?

RatifyHub is a product rating app that allows you to collect reviews and ratings from your customers and use their feedback to make informed decisions about your products. Our app is designed to be easy to use and provides you with all the tools you need to get honest feedback: review requests, questions and answers, custom forms. Integrated with Google Shopping to display aggregated reviews for your products to customers shopping on Google. Easy import/export review data for backup purposes.

App features:

  • Use photo & video reviews to display social proof and build trust with customers.

  • Display review widget in 3 layouts: list, stack, masonry. Easy to customize.

  • Engage your reviewers with Q&A, voucher code, and review request emails.

  • Share reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, rich snippets and Google Shopping

  • 1-click to import/export reviews and related data for backup purposes

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